Evidence for Modelling

Collated by Freya Clare Smith

This section provides a reference list of the evidence and sources used to build a digital reconstruction of the Theatre Royal.

A special thank you goes out to Theatre Royal specialist, Conor Doyle, for sharing and providing access to some wonderful additional source material, and in particular a number of colour images of the stage area from Bill Golding’s photographic collection and video footage of the theatre’s demolition. And also a very warm thank you to Nora Thornton of the National Photographic Archive (National Library of Ireland) who assisted in finding historical photographs, which have provided invaluable evidence for the theatre’s interior décor.

Artist’s impression of the Theatre Royal in 1935
(Image from the Theatre Royal’s Opening Night Souvenir Brochure;
A copy of which is preserved in the Irish Architectural Archive)

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources


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