The Abbey Theatre, 1904, Revisited

A Phoenix will arise from the ashes of the Old Abbey, and [people might] feel the thrill and wonder that we felt long ago.” [1]

Project Overview

In 2011 a digital reconstruction of the Abbey Theatre, 1904, as it was on its opening night, 27th December 1904, was created. Current research will enhance and extend this previous research, creating newly visualised areas of the theatre (the front entrance building and the pit entrance) and augmenting / refining details within the auditorium, which will be integrated into a single real-time (virtual world) model of the old Abbey Theatre, enabling visitors to experience a simulation of aspects of the theatre-going experience, including: entering the theatre from the street via the pit entrance and the main foyer, experiencing the social space of the foyer, progressing through transitional spaces into the auditorium and viewing / interacting with different scenographic configurations on stage, including the screens developed by Gordon Craig at the turn of the nineteenth century, which incorporated an innovative interaction of lighting and stage props.

Research and Visualisation

Previous Research (2011)

Craig's Screens on Stage

Visualisation Evidence


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