Visualisation Evidence

Collated by Freya Clare Smith and Hugh Denard

This section provides a reference list of the evidence and sources used to visualise further elements of the architectural structure and interior design of the Abbey Theatre’s auditorium, as well as the theatre’s foyer and pit entrance. Evidence and sources used to model scenography / stage sets, their respective lighting configurations, characters and the inclusion of sounds within the real-time model will be detailed on the individual dedicated webpages that outline the research process for these elements.

Joseph Holloway’s drawing with plans, section and elevation, Reference: NLI_AD2193.
(Photograph: © National Library of Ireland )

A special thank you goes out to Honora Faul (National Library of Ireland), Mairéad Delaney (Abbey Archive), Eithne Massey (Dublin City Library and Archives), Joan Hanly (Custodian of the surviving Abbey front entrance building remains), and all the team at the Irish Architectural Archive, for uncovering, drawing attention to, preserving and providing access to wonderful original source material, without which the digital reconstructions of the Abbey auditorium, foyer and pit entrance would not have been possible.

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources


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